Innovator and Start-up visa

As one of the Officially appointed Government Legacy Endorsing Bodies we have successfully onboarded over 100 companies and are now working tirelessly toward achieving their goal of Indefinite Leave to Remain ( ILR ) and beyond.

We successfully operate in over 25 different sectors and have consistently demonstrated a selective and discerning approach to the companies that we onboard. Above all we believe that integrity is a vital quality to any company and we see it as the bedrock of all the firms we work with. All our member companies have a business which is directly in line with the required Home office pillars of innovation , viability and scalability. It is exciting to be working with so many Global entrepreneurs who have chosen to make the UK their country of choice. Each member company is part of the Pall Mall Members Club (PMMC) and are regularly reviewed to determine they are progressing in the direction their business plan forecast and at the appropriate pace. We aim to ensure that the business will be able to successfully apply for ILR when the time comes , as such we determine from an early stage which are the most suitable milestones to target. We are all part od the same Club and are happy to chat through any issues or problems whenever is necessary. It’s good to talk and the only poor questions are the ones you do not ask !

For any further information please contact admin@pallmall-investments.co.uk