Capital Raising

If you are looking to raise capital for your business we will help identify the right investment partner. This can be from an individual source or from a combination of :

  • Private equity

  • Institutional investors

  • Hedge funds

  • Family offices

  • High net worth individuals

We're involved in a full cycle solution from raising funds to realising value. We have a strong portfolio of companies. This leads to great outcomes for all involved parties. We believe in thorough deal preparation. Considering proper due diligence to be a key to the basis of any significant opportunity.

Our interest and expertise is broad and varied and includes some of the following industry sectors:

  • Automotive and parts

  • Beverages

  • Edtech , fintech , medtech

  • Engineering

  • Food products

  • Gas and water

  • Healthcare

  • Mining

  • Telecommunications

  • Tourism and leisure

For any further information please contact admin@pallmall-investments.co.uk